We believe an island getaway is the gold standard for romantic holidays. So we rounded up five of our favorite destinations for honeymooners and romantics everywhere.

1. Hvar, Croatia

This resort town is known for attracting those with a little extra pocket money to spend on posh accommodations and extra privacy. Other reasons to pick Hvar over other Croatian islands include its reputation as a premier winemaking region in Croatia, the opulent Renaissance architecture, and the many secluded beaches that guarantee an undisturbed holiday. 

2. Santorini, Greece

This island is easily reachable by boat from Athens and has a more intimate feel than the capital. Not that you won’t feel like you’re on holiday here. Santorini has all the world-renowned qualities of a Greek location, including majestic cliffs, white-bleached homes, and of course, romantic sunsets foregrounded by dramatic views of the Aegean Sea.

3. Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain

If you’re looking for a more energized romantic getaway, then Ibiza’s Sant Antoni de Portmany might be the destination for you. It’s known as the clubbing capital of the world, and has the world class DJ line-ups and international crowds to prove it. Not that it has to be all dancing, all day long. You can spend your daylights resting in pretty, isolated beaches scattered throughout the town (like Cala Saladeta), then get social as soon as the sun sets. 

4. The Seychelles

It’s a honeymooner’s favorite destination, and we’re guessing it’s populated by couples who like it so much the first time around that they make repeat trips throughout their lifetimes. To get the full Seychelles experience, head to Anse Lazio Beach, whose velvety white sands and bright blue waters represents the best of the island. Gorgeous golfing courses and nature reserves also give you an excuse to stretch your legs after a long nap. 

5. Capo d’Orlando, Italy

Every business in Sicily closes between 13:00 and 16:00, making rest and relaxation a somewhat obligatory part of your trip here. If you and your fellow holidayer want even more silence, head up the stairs of Monte della Madonna to get a view of the entire island. Then, alongside this charming church, watch the sunset go down behind the sparkling Tyrrhenian sea. 


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